In the spring of 2009, COURONNE
has opened their the first flagship store in Chung Dam-Dong.

The new brand initiated a huge word of mouth within the high society group
in Chung Dam-Dong as high quality customizable lady’s handbags.
In 2010, Global fashion power house ‘Kolon Industries FnC’ re-launched COURONNE.
The brand has quickly become one of the most popular modern lady’s luxury bag brands in Korea market.

COURONNE has been expanding to its present size of 95 stores including direct store,
major department stores, duty free shops and outlet store in Korea.
COURONNE has been accelerating and developing a global business and marketing activity with both
international exhibitions (TFWA Show, Vendome luxury Shows, Paris Fashion Week,
Global pops-up store etc) and global collaboration project with different industry, art and culture.

COURONNE is considered the best possible present to give to modern customers who
want to seek confidence and self-gratification in owning a trendsetter as a fashion accessory.


Minimalism, Timeless chic
& Exquisite color

The brand ‘COURONNE’ is a modern luxury leather goods accessory brand
that gives a pleasant to modern customers who seek a confidence,
self-gratification and high quality product with right price which
conceptualized with ‘minimalism’, ‘timeless chic’ and ‘exquisite color’.

Uniqueness & Sensibility

Simple but unique and sensibility by designer’s touch of ‘COURONNE’
with the finest materials that makes brand has become one
of the most popular leather goods accessory brand in Korea.

Core value & High quality

‘COURONNE’ gives a beauty of simplicity and focus on product value
without excessive decoration or design.
In the meantime, ‘COURONNE’ expertise in producing premium leather
goods based on guide line of internal R&D studio and manufacturing

Perpetual challenge

It continues to respond development and changes of market environment
and modern culture for challenge as a market leader in fashion industry.